Future is electromechanics

Our way

Phase 1

Identifying customer needs.

We prepare an individual plan on the different phases of production based on customer needs. We develop the manufacturability of products right from the start to ensure that the solutions we offer are always competitive.

The initial plan includes material selections. Making the right choices ensures that the selected materials will be available now and in the future. We compile the different production phases into a single Hy-Tech entity that includes tailored mechanics, electronics and electromechanics solutions.

Phase 2

High-quality and feasible production plan.

We draw up a realistic production plan. In our productions, we utilise the resources available at our two factories, which enables us to provide a flexible production schedule that corresponds to various customer needs.

We ensure the availability of materials required by the order and also make sure that they will be stocked in the future. We also have access to global procurement networks.

Phase 3

Correctly timed production.

We use current approaches and software (including LEAN 6S, OEE management, Industry 4.0/RTF concepts) in our monitoring to ensure timely production. For us, quality is essential and something we aim to improve in both our end products as well as in different work phases and the process on the whole.

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We guarantee our efficiency with approaches adopted from LEAN manufacturing.

Phase 4

Product development that seeks increasingly competitive solutions.

We are involved in our clients’ product development. We reassess material choices based on availability and costs. We develop our productivity through various means such as investing in tools, planning batch sizes and buffering finished products. Each new production runs smoother than its predecessor.

We respond to new demands by regularly updating our machine fleet.

Service supporting growth

Service supporting growth

We provide services tailored to our customers’ needs. We bring forth and take into practice issues that enable developing our customers’ products in terms of their manufacture, use and costs. We do this to help them grow and develop in several different areas.

We are always seeking new opportunities and are eager to be involved in developing new things. We cooperate with the leading global companies in automation and are involved in smart development projects of the future.

Our inhouse manufacture in mechanics and electronics facilitates an extensive design and manufacturing network that brings together different industries.

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