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30 years of experience

Established in 1989 in Lohja Finland, the principle of Hyrles Oy has always been to flexibly react to customer needs. Our activities have been driven by a desire to develop into an agent solving new challenges. The company was given a new name and look as a result of a brand update, and HY-Tech Comp will now continue on the path carved by Hyrles Oy. We are a contract manufacturer specialised in highly complex entities.

We work in two production facilities, one of which is located in Lohja (Finland) and the other in Lagedi (Estonia). We are adaptable, and our service range and activities are easily adjusted to achieve whatever is demanded of us.



The new name and look have not changed our operating principle. Competitive pricing, financial stability and punctually sticking to delivery times have deservedly strengthened our reputation as a reliable contract manufacturer.



Our customers set their bar high and we are used to meeting a high level of requirements. We cherish long customer relationships, as we want to walk alongside our customers and help them grow.

Environment and safety

Environment and safety

We constantly invest in improving the welfare and occupational safety of our staff, and developing environmentally friendly production. We encourage our employees to grow and provide them with great development opportunities within our company.

Outlook on the future

We have a positive attitude towards changes and new challenges. Our sights are set forwards towards comprehensive, modern and innovative electromechanical industry. We wish to keep constantly developing and producing increasingly diverse electromechanical products together with our clients.

Our vision is to invent smart solutions that make life easier.

Our mission is to develop and produce increasingly modern and diverse electromechanical products.

Our goal is to be a manufacturing and development centre for smart machines with a modern work environment and operating culture.

We find it important to exceed our customers’ expectations. Also when tech alone is not enough.


Hyrles is now HY-Tech Comp - our name has renewed

Dear customers and associates, Starting this autumn, Hyrles Group will be known as HY-Tech Comp. Officially the change comes into effect this October and we will return to the more accurate timing of the change later on.

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